Types of Coverage

General Liability Insurance : Is designed to protect business owners and operators from a wide variety of liability exposures. Exposures could include liability arising from accidents resulting from the insured's premises or operations, products sold by the insured, operations completed by the insured, and contractual liability.

Commercial Automobile Insurance: Commercial auto insurance in Massachusetts helps to ensure the driver’s safety when operating behind the wheel of a business’s vehicles. A Business Auto Policy is added to a Commercial Property & Liability Policy in order to protect an insured from bodily injury, property damage and physical damage arising out of the operation, maintenance or use of an auto used for business or commercial purposes Autos covered can be either owned, leased, hired or non-owned. Similar to a personal auto policy. If a business has employees using cars that belong to the business, then a Business Auto Policy should be purchased. Your personal automobile policy does NOT cover vehicles used by your business.

Workers’ Compensation
Insures your employees against on-the-job injuries. Most states have put into place some form of workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation is a system where the employee is not allowed by statute to sue their employer for on-the-job injuries; but, in return, the employer must participate in a system that provides nearly automatic payment to the employee in case of injury for medical bills and damages. There are many options for workers’ compensation coverage. Some states allow an employer to opt-out of the system if the employer is self insured, some run the system through private insurers while others use state agencies.

Business Owners Policy (BOP): A Business Owner's Policy is a packaged policy of insurance products that usually includes property and casualty, liability, and a business interruption policy. The Business Owners Policy is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses with well-defined risk. The Business Owners Policy is sold by many business insurers and generally has cheaper premiums than if the policies were purchased separately.

Commercial Package Policy (CPP): combines two or more commercial coverage parts such as commercial property, general liability, and commercial auto.

Commercial Umbrella Policy - Coverage for losses above the limit of an underlying policy or policies such as homeowners and auto insurance. While it applies to losses over the dollar amount in the underlying policies, terms of coverage are sometimes broader than those of underlying policies.

BONDS: There is more than one type of bond. Insurance bonds are normally three-party contracts in which one party agrees to guarantee the act, performance, or behavior of a second party, to a third party. Two common types of bonds are fidelity and surety.

Fidelity Bond : An insurance policy that reimburses an employer for employee theft or embezzlement
Surety Bond: A written agreement wherein one party, called the surety, obligates itself to a second party, called the obligee or beneficiary, to answer for the default of a third party, called the principal.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Employment practices liability insurance or "EPLI" is liability insurance that covers certain employment related claims made by employees.

EPLI coverage generally covers: Wrongful Discharge, Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, Reputation Claims (Defamation of Character) and more.

EPLI policies generally exclude: (OSHA) Violations, (COBRA) Violations, (ERISA) Violations , State Employment Law Violations, Punitive Damages


General Liability Insurance
Commercial Automobile Insurance
Workers’ Compensation
Business Owners Policy (BOP)
Commercial Package Policy (CPP)
Commercial Umbrella Policy
Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance

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